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Name: Kittykait
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I'm the second of 8 children.
I homeschool, and I'm 11.
I love having a huge family.
We have an animal farm: 2 gerbils,
6 rabbits, 1 dog, 1 cat,
and 6 sisters and 1 brother.
We are Christians.
I love Paperback swap!!!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
We all ate the loaf of bread and got some sleep. I was the first to wake at a sudden jolt "I think we've landed!" I said to the others "no kidding" they said. Well let's check were we are.
O.K I have to cut in to the story to say that it was a Friday night and every Friday night we invite friends over to eat PIZZA w/us. Some of the people are the Hedges they have 2 boys Ben is 10 and Joe is 7 and they were there know so they are playing in the game our names were
  • I was Jacqueline
  • Ben was Bob
  • Lydia was Christine
  • Megan was not playing any more
  • Joe was Jack
  • Natalie was to cold to play

O.K back to the story:

So we got out and took the umbrellas out of the side of the saw horses (so the Our Umbrella Propelled Flying Obstacle would not fly away w/o us) at this time Joe and I had switched characters and we were little natives. We got into a lot of trouble. So the others explored the Island while we explored the thing that had just dropped out of the sky. When they returned we hid in a tree as fast as we could then they put the things (the umbrellas) back on the thing that dropped out of the sky and loaded up in that thing. We jumped out of the tree on to the thing with HUGE palm leaves and made it go in the opposite direction then they wanted to go in. After we had our fun we went away, and they lived horribly ever after

The End

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

The other day we went to Johnson city which is 1/2 to see my Aunts Carlie, and Dana Also my 3 cousins Artie Rose, Annabelle, and Trinity. Last of all my aunt Dana's Baby John Ryan (We call him Ryan). At the beginning of the day we all got up and went to pick up my Aunts Steph, and Ashley and her 3 kids Luke, Gracie, and Isabella. We got there and we were off when we got to Boerne Mom bought a foutain soda for us to share the whole way there we (the kids) were singing here are a couple of the songs we sang:

  • Jehovah Jireh
  • Psalm 8b (from the Psalter)
  • Psalm 148 (from the Psalter)
  • He has shown thee (micah 6:8)
  • I will call upon the Lord
  • Hallah-loo hallah-loo

when we stopped on the way there it was because Lydia said she saw something. "What was it?"we all said "A deer on the side of the road! And it had it's head _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ " She answered "eww yuk disgusting" We all said. When we finally to the house we went to see what Carlie made for lunch and boy it was good! She made potato soup with bacon and cheese on the top mm mm! That was so good! After lunch we all went out in the back yard to play so we ran around and all that kid stuff. When we started to get bored the little kids made a curious discovery.


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Saturday, November 19, 2005
This is a story about Our Umbrella Propelled Flying Obstacle. It was made of Two Saw-horses, Two Umbrellas, a bunch of blankets, and one 12 Ft 2" by 6" Board. Well I guess I will begin the story:

We were very in need of a game to play (because we were BORED!) and then I said "I know! We can build something" "naaaa" said the rest of the gang "lets go play on the deck so we built a teeter-totter but Mom said that was dangerous "aww!" and then I said "well lets play a game that we are pretending to build something that flies and is steered by two umbrellas!" There reply to this was "yah!" So we did! It went rather well to. When we were finished we started our game: It was about some little girls who were building something and pretending it could fly (which was signifenitly true) And then all of a sudden a horribly strong wind blew us right up into the air! "aaaaaaaa!" said the youngest " help" said Lydia "make it stop!" said Megan in a rather panicky voice " I think it really worked!" said I. So I tried to get us back down to the ground while the others sat there pretending to be helpless and all freaked out, but finally I had to give up, but the hardest part was going to be breaking the horrible news to the others, what would they say? It has to be done though so quietly and quickly I went back to tell them, "you guys" I said I know how scared you are but... I hate to tell you this but... I... Cant get us back to the ground" there reactions to my word were nothing but silence the first and only to speak up was Lydia "But what will we eat?" I replied "I have a loaf of bread here"


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Friday, November 18, 2005
This is a picture of, I think it's a brazil mantid well I got is off of a web site called http://whatsthatbug.com/

And here is a very skinny mantis Ithink somyone called it the grass like mantis:

And here is a BIG mantis:

That's all.

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

"Lady" is our dog, she is a pure Golden Retriever, and a very nice dog but she is very rowdy! We got her from some of the people my Dad works with. Lady has or had rather 3 puppies ALL GIRLS!!! I mean, what coincidence! The father (Strider) was Aussie, Chow, and Border Collie. So the puppies were mutts and we had to get rid of them, here are their names and a little about them:

  • Azteca

She is brownish-blond. She went to my uncle Jonathan's house and he changed her name to Butch, then Flops, and after that she was Flopsy and now as far as I know she is Floppy.

  • Daisy

She was black. She went to a really nice guy that reminded me of my uncle Chris.

  • Tulip

She was brown and black and my favorite She went to a stranger.

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
This is another Praying Mantis story:
"Guys I found a Praying Mantis!" said Natalie.
"where?" said Lydia.
"WHERE!!" said I.
"On a tree outside! I-I will tell you where I found it OK?"
Me: "Where?"
"I was by a tree, and it fell on my leg so I screamed and then it flyed on the tree! Ok it's over there, see right there" said Natalie
"Can I have it?" said Lydia
"Umm maybe," said Natalie.
"Hey guys," I exclaimed. "I think it has an Eggcase."
So after that we decided it was Lydia's. (The mantis) The next day we built a little "jungle" for it and set it on top of the jungle. The next day we couldn't find it anywhere. We looked all over the place.
Here's the "oops" part:
When we found it, it had laid its eggcase somewhere in our room. We still can't find the eggcase.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005
The Coghlan Day Of Thanksgiving when we spent our is the first night in our house the date is:
that all.

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Well, I guess I will start with a story of how God provided for us. This is a story about how GOD answered our prayers exactly. Well, It started out with Mom and Dad searching desparately for a car. But they were not having much luck, so they prayed for the car they wanted (a Prizm) for a specific price so they kept looking and... Looking and... Looking and then they saw a Prizm for about what they wanted But was it still there? They decided to call about it so Mom dialed the number......
ring... ring... ring... ring... Hello? and yes!!!!!! it was there!!!! A few days later Dad, my sister Lydia, and I went to pick it up.
And that's how GOD answered our prayers exactly.

Now a story of GOD's protection:
He wasn't exactly protecting us, but two of our relatives while they were helping with the house.
It was Paul (my aunt's fiance) and Justin, my second cousin. They were helping us with the roof, nailing down the plywood. All of a sudden, Justin yelled! He was slipping down the side of the roof. Luckily, he had a hammer in his hand. He hit the roof with the backside of his hammer, jamming it in and making a hole to catch himself.
Of course Dad didn't care, because he was just glad Justin didn't get hurt.
And with Paul, it was pretty much the same story.
Though there's two holes in our roof under the shingles and tar paper, it never leaks, so we're very thankful.

The End

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This post is going to be about our Tim.
His real name is Mr. Tim Bigglesworth, but we just got in the habit of calling him Tim because Bigglesworth was too long.
He is 20 lbs. We got him from a lady named Betty 6 years ago. I did a post about her for Dad. When we got him, he was probably 5 months old. He was the tiniest, skinniest, scrawniest thing you could imagine.
Well, I guess I should tell a little bit about his personality.
He is very sweet. He loves to be petted. He loves kids!
Here's a small list of a couple of funny things he has done:

  • He scoots under your head when you have no pillow.
  • Sometimes he'll take your pillow.
  • When he is asleep sometimes he puts his paw over his eyes.
  • Sleeps on the window sill but he is so BIG that he lays all stretched out.

th-tha-that's all folks

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It's Lydia's birthday today, and this morning my uncle Benjamin brought her a googly eyed double-sided flamingo fuzzy art poster! And 2 ink pens. One had Peter Pan on the top and the other had Tinkerbell the fairy. When you write with them they light up! Plus as a birthday tradition Dad was supposed to take her out to lunch but instead he took her out for ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess I should make a list of all of our birthdays in order:

  • Mom's birthday is December 24
  • Dad's birthday is March 30
  • Deanna is 12; her birthday is July 9th, 1993
  • I am 10; my is birthday is April 6th, 1995
  • Lydia is 9; her birthday is November 1st, 1996
  • Megan is 7; her birthday is May 25, 1998
  • Natalie is 5; her birthday is January 1, 2000
  • Becca (Rebecca) is 4; her birthday is August 19, 2001
  • Rachael is 1; her birthday is July 30, 2004

And I guess that's all.

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