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Name: Kittykait
Location:: Rural Texas, USA

I'm the second of 8 children.
I homeschool, and I'm 11.
I love having a huge family.
We have an animal farm: 2 gerbils,
6 rabbits, 1 dog, 1 cat,
and 6 sisters and 1 brother.
We are Christians.
I love Paperback swap!!!

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Friday, May 12, 2006
When I was 5 we took a surprise vacation and in a resent post I said I would write about it:"OK everyone we are eating out" said Dad so we all loaded up and drove to a really far away McDonalds and on the way there we saw about 5 other ones and asked Dad "how about there?!""No there is a better one up here" he would say "Dad why are our pillows in the back?" I asked because I knew something was up "Because we thought you might get tired "oh" I said when we were done eating we wanted dessert but dad said we would stop some where else. By now I knew something was up then we got to grandma & Grandpa's house and everyone was surprised except me but boy did we eat dessert there!

  posted at 7:48 PM

Here are some new Rachael says:
  • peeeeeeeeee (pleeeeeeeeeeeeese?)
  • he u! (help us!)
  • my my si (mine mine swim)
  • gama (Grandma)
  • gao (Grandpa)

And other stuff I don't remember.

  posted at 7:38 PM

Thursday, May 11, 2006

I'm always the one to find out a secret here is list of things that I found out before planned: A secret

  • road trip (I'll post about that next)
  • Grandma and Grandpa's many "secret" trips
  • Us going to a lot of different places
  • That mom was pregnant
  • When were eating out at a restaurants

And I'm sure that I'm missing a few things last Sunday I heard a lot of talk about the 11th & 3 days and the zoo and sure enough today Grandma and Grandpa are here!

  posted at 6:32 PM

Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Saturday my Grandpa flew down from Tennessee to pick up a car, for my Aunt Catherine (she bought it from my Dad) when he got here he took us out to eat. Then we went home and Grandpa went to bed shortly after which. In the morning we got up @ 4:45 A.M. We all sat at the table and talked until about 6:00 and grandpa prayed then left. After about 30 minutes later the door opened "surprise!" Called Grandpa through the door "Grandpa!" everyone yelled very surprised "Your back?!?!" said Lydia "I was about 50 Ft away from easy mart and out of nowhere came 4 deer" he hinted "NO" said Dad "yes" said grandpa "you hit 4 deer?” I said "Just one "You did it on purpose so you could come back didn't you!" I said I don't remember what he said. When we went down to look at the car I could barely see the damage all I saw was Gods protection. We all knew the with the front of that car being so low the deer easily went right through the wind shield and hurt Grandpa very badly.

I did not take the picture.

  posted at 6:46 AM

Saturday, May 06, 2006
My mom got her 12 year old molars when she was 10. My dad got them when he was 15. I guess I got my mom's teeth, and my older sister Deanna got my dad's, for two reasons. Number 1, enamel. Number 2, timing.
Yesterday Lydia (my third sister) was talking about teeth. She brought up the subject of me having my 12 year old molars before Deanna. She was talking to Deanna, so Deanna said, "So?"
Lydia answered, "That means Kaitlyn is more mature than you."
"What does that have to do with maturity?" Deanna asked.
Lydia's reply made us all laugh: "See, you don't understand because you're so immature."

  posted at 5:58 PM