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Name: Kittykait
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I'm the second of 8 children.
I homeschool, and I'm 11.
I love having a huge family.
We have an animal farm: 2 gerbils,
6 rabbits, 1 dog, 1 cat,
and 6 sisters and 1 brother.
We are Christians.
I love Paperback swap!!!

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Saturday, October 22, 2005
Mom finaly thought of a limerick for Lydia:

Her powers of speech are quite shocking.
Even while sleeping she's talking.
The speed of her jaw
fills observers with awe
and leaves us with sly thoughts of caulking.

Don't worry Mom asked Lydia if she thought it was mean.

  posted at 8:47 AM

Friday, October 21, 2005
Here is a list of three of my very favorite authors:

And here is a list of Roald Dahl books that I have read:

  • James And The Giant Peach
  • Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
  • Charlie And The Great Glass Elevator
  • The Twits
  • George's Marvelous Medicine
  • The BFG (Big Friendly Giant)
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox
  • The Magic Finger
  • Boy (It's funny & kind of sad stories from when he was a boy)

I have not read all of Boy only a few chapters

Here is a list of all the books Ruth Stiles Gannett did:

  • My Father's Dragon
  • Elmer And The Dragon
  • The Dragons Of Blueland

These are very good books (the ones by Ruth Stiles Gannett)

And here is a list of books by Paul O. Zelinsky:

  • Rapunzel
  • Rumplestiltskin
  • Swamp Angel

Well I guess that's all.

  posted at 2:47 PM

Yesterday (October 20 Thursday, 2005) we went to the Zoo!
And I made a list of all the Animals we saw! here it is:

  • All sorts of fish
  • Flamingos
  • Black Bear 2 cubs
  • Spectacled Bear
  • Asiatic Black Bear 2
  • Komodo Dragon
  • python (30 Ft)
  • Red Ruffed Lemur 2
  • Wolf Guenon
  • Eastern Black And White Cobbus 2
  • Black and White Lemur
  • Jelly Fish
  • Archer Fish
  • Pirhanas
  • Otters 2
  • Red Deer
  • Monkeys All Over! (20-100)
  • Francois Lemur 2
  • Prevost Squirrel
  • Clouded Leopard
  • Fossa
  • Leopard Cat (tiny)
  • Keel- Billed Toucan
  • Jaguar
  • Scarlett Ibis
  • Carp
  • Gray Necked Woodrail
  • Yellow Collared Macaw
  • Snow Leopard
  • Elephant
  • King Vulture
  • Alligator Snapping Turtle
  • Bush Dogs
  • Zebra
  • Antelopes
  • Rhinos
  • Hyrax
  • Arabian Oryx
  • Giraffe
  • Cheetah
  • Black Footed Cat
  • Porcupine
  • All sort of birds everywhere
  • Dama Gazelle
  • Greater Kudu
  • East African Crowned Crane
  • African Lions
  • Double Wattled Cassowary
  • Sumatran Tiger
  • Kangaroos
  • Emus
  • Chestnut Teal
  • Spotted Hyenas
  • Wallaroo
  • Grizzled Tree Kangaroo
  • American Alligators
  • Box Turtle
  • Barn Owl
  • Bare-eyed Cockatoo
  • Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
  • Chickens
  • Domestic Sheep
  • Llama
  • Ibix
  • Hippos
  • Speak Gazelle

The cockatoos could talk. They mostly just said hello. My favorite animals were the big cats. Here is a picture of the funniest animal. It is called an East African Crowned Crane.

  posted at 8:36 AM

Thursday, October 20, 2005
My mom is preganant! Here due date is June 20 2006 if it's a boy the name will be
Perry Clarence Coghlan the 4th.

  posted at 1:20 PM

Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Deanna's Limerick:
She flew through the air like Clark Kent
but her loft, height and grace were ill-spent;
for she did Ben no harm
and she fractured her arm
when Ben sidestepped her rapid descent.

My Limerick:

Her best friends are green, brown
and gray;
They eat in a most vulgar way:
They grab, rip and bite,
slurp guts with delight,
but they always remember to pray

Lydia does not have a limerick
so I will give the group limerick for
Deanna, Lydia and I:

Three girls from Castle Lake
There books to town to town did take
But while they were there they just
Twirled their hair,
For math made their little heads ache.

Megan's limerick:

She smiles wherever she goes
And frequently picketh her nose
She's smooth on her heel
But her calves are like steel
Cuz she walks on the tips of her toes

Natalie's limerick:

She's as tall as her sister who's eight
Her bathroom breaks really can't wait
She's loud in the house
Her pet's not a mouse
and New Year's is her special date.

Rebecca's (aka Becca) limerick:

She starts it without any warning,
the very first thing in the morning:
she sings to her guys;their souls they arise
with eyes full of weeping and mourning.

it delighted my Dad to see the family tradition would be carried on. Read more about the family tradition here.


  posted at 7:12 PM

Monday, October 17, 2005

Cats sleep
Any table,
Any chair,
Top of piano,
In the midle,
On the edge,
Open drawer,
Empty shoe,
Lap will do,
Fitted in a
Cardboard box,
In the cupboard
With your frocks-
They don't care!
Cats sleep
Eleanor Farjeon

P.S. This is a picture of our cat. He's a real live Garfield, and he weighs 20 pounds. More to come.

  posted at 12:26 PM

Saturday, October 15, 2005
Our new computer rule is that before we get on the computer, we have to do a blog post and we only have 30 minutes.
The little kids that don't have blogs just have to send a E-mail to Dad.
Here are some links I get on:

I guess that's all.

  posted at 5:21 PM

Monday, October 10, 2005

This is one of my favorite memories of my big sis Deanna, when she broke her arm. The funny thing is how. I'm not laughing at her breaking her arm. I am laughing at how.

Well, we were "sister attacking" on my uncle Benjamin. We weren't winning at all! But then our strongest and bravest warrior deserted us (Deanna).
After a while, he had us all tackled down. He was holding me in his right arm, and Lydia in his left. He swatted aside the other three.
But then, a spark of light! Deanna climbed up on the back of the couch. Deanna gave Dad a smirk, and she tried to Superman-leap onto Benjamin!
For a long second of glory she was suspended in mid air.
Benjamin threw me onto the couch, dropped Lydia, and sidestepped.
Sorrowfully, sadly, and most unfortunately, Deanna missed. She hit the floor with a heavy thud, hidden from view by the couch she had just vaulted over. For about 3 seconds, she was unconcious. And then she took a deep breath and started sobbing.
Dad helped her up and she told him that her wrist hurt really bad. The next day, it still hurt so we took her to the doctor, who said there was a slight break. It wasn't very bad, so she only needed a splint.
When we got home, we were talking about what a landmark in sister attacks it would have been, if she had only hit her target!

The End

  posted at 3:26 PM

Saturday, October 08, 2005
It's here, The green note pad blog for my family's creative writing assignments.
more to come.

  posted at 2:56 PM

Yeah! No more squished riding!!! We bought a 15 passenger van off eBay it's white (just like our other two suburbans)

  posted at 1:42 PM

Monday, October 03, 2005

I love bugs. But most of all I love praying mantids! Here is a picture of me and a female. I can tell it's a female because I found her and 1/2 of her mate on her back and now she is carrying an egg case! The picture on the left is the praying mantis on my face and the picture on the right is the praying mantis on my hand. I am going to tell you a story about a very very ill mantis I found:
One fine morning I was just minding my own business when my sister Megan brought me a dead praying mantis. Or so she thought. I was showing my mom, and then it kicked its leg!
I got a little bottle cap and put a dab of milk in it. Then I fed the milk to the praying mantis by dabbing my finger in the milk, and touching the mantis's face.
While I was feeding it, it was clinging to my fingers with its little poker-thingies that it grabs its food with. I fed it for a little while, then I got a piece of cloth and laid it on a little bug bed, and made it a Get Well Soon card. Really, I did.
We went to some friends' house. When we got back, I discovered a tragic event. The praying mantis (sniff) was dead.
I flushed it down the toilet as I sang Amazing Grace.
The end.

PS. I promise this is a true story.

  posted at 3:43 PM