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Tuesday, November 01, 2005
Well, I guess I will start with a story of how God provided for us. This is a story about how GOD answered our prayers exactly. Well, It started out with Mom and Dad searching desparately for a car. But they were not having much luck, so they prayed for the car they wanted (a Prizm) for a specific price so they kept looking and... Looking and... Looking and then they saw a Prizm for about what they wanted But was it still there? They decided to call about it so Mom dialed the number......
ring... ring... ring... ring... Hello? and yes!!!!!! it was there!!!! A few days later Dad, my sister Lydia, and I went to pick it up.
And that's how GOD answered our prayers exactly.

Now a story of GOD's protection:
He wasn't exactly protecting us, but two of our relatives while they were helping with the house.
It was Paul (my aunt's fiance) and Justin, my second cousin. They were helping us with the roof, nailing down the plywood. All of a sudden, Justin yelled! He was slipping down the side of the roof. Luckily, he had a hammer in his hand. He hit the roof with the backside of his hammer, jamming it in and making a hole to catch himself.
Of course Dad didn't care, because he was just glad Justin didn't get hurt.
And with Paul, it was pretty much the same story.
Though there's two holes in our roof under the shingles and tar paper, it never leaks, so we're very thankful.

The End

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At 5:59 PM, Blogger perry2 said...


Your testimonys of God's protection are a great blessing.

Thank you.

love Grandpa Coghlan


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