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I love having a huge family.
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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
This is another Praying Mantis story:
"Guys I found a Praying Mantis!" said Natalie.
"where?" said Lydia.
"WHERE!!" said I.
"On a tree outside! I-I will tell you where I found it OK?"
Me: "Where?"
"I was by a tree, and it fell on my leg so I screamed and then it flyed on the tree! Ok it's over there, see right there" said Natalie
"Can I have it?" said Lydia
"Umm maybe," said Natalie.
"Hey guys," I exclaimed. "I think it has an Eggcase."
So after that we decided it was Lydia's. (The mantis) The next day we built a little "jungle" for it and set it on top of the jungle. The next day we couldn't find it anywhere. We looked all over the place.
Here's the "oops" part:
When we found it, it had laid its eggcase somewhere in our room. We still can't find the eggcase.

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